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Welcome to Fernweh Blonde

Hi I’m Fernweh Blonde and welcome to my blog!

I chose this name for my blog because 1) I’m blonde, and 2) because fernweh is part of who I am. It’s the desire to go to a far away place, and that’s something I will never get enough of.

This started out as a means of expression, and it’s turned into something of a lifestyle blog covering everything from travel, writing, as well as day-to-day experiences.

I hope you enjoy – be sure to like, subscribe and follow!

Work and Play

A lot of the time we don’t get to work, and get paid for doing the things we love. It’s a rare occasion, and certainly cause for celebration, when the happy coincidence arises and we get to do something we love, and even better, get recognised for it. I’m writing this after a long dayContinue reading “Work and Play”

Sunshine finally!

I woke up this morning, for the first time in months, to see sunlight pouring through the window. It set me up for a positive start. I washed my face, got dressed, went downstairs and made muesli. Muesli – one of those foods that you keep thinking you should eat, but as soon as youContinue reading “Sunshine finally!”

The joy of tidying

So yesterday I did a major spring clean. And I mean major. I took everything off the kitchen counter, out of the cupboards, bleached the loo and washed the floors. And oh did it take ages! Plus I felt exhausted afterwards. But at the same time I felt and overwhelming sense of achievement. My heartContinue reading “The joy of tidying”

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